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First Look: Duncan Sheik musical ‘American Psycho' starring Matt Smith | Playbill

Currently playing London’s Almeida Theatre. Eight more photos at Playbill.

i have got to get me to london and see some shows.

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"We usually use light to reveal an image, I wanted the light to be the revelation. It has to do with what we value. I want people to treasure light."

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Assistant Professor, Metalsmithing & Jewelry

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sorry, on a bit of a reblog kick. i found some new blogs that are really capturing my imagination.

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A Short Story

this had me at dinosaurs and socks.

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another from the set i took with Kira. I got so many lovely photos from that evening. wish i was closer to home to have more adventures with this wonderful lady, and spend more time at this beach. BTW, thats Bell Island in the distance.



So, this piece pretty much sums up the joy of adventures home for me…  it also has my bum in it…  hope no one minds.

I am NOT an exhibitionist, but I do love being naked, either by myself or with people I’m comfortable with/are comfortable with me. I wouldn’t go streaking in town square, but if I’m out in the middle of the woods with no one around, damn straight I’m jumping naked in that lake!

It wasn’t always like that, though. I’m no stranger to body issues. I’m 6’4 and over 300 pounds. I have always been big, and from a very young age I learned how to make myself small, taking up as little space as possible. For years I swam in a T-shirt and wore clothes that where as loose as possible to hide my man boobs. I would constantly just be apologizing for my presence, like my physical being was imposing on people. Every look in the mirror or photo I saw of myself made me cringe with anxiety over my shear surplus of physical existence.

At the age of 30, it is only the past 5 years or so, that this has gotten any better. I’m not sure what came first, finding someone who loved me, or a little comfort in my own skin. It was kind of cyclical. Comfort gave me confidence, which made me attractive to another, which made me attractive to myself, which made me a little more confidant.  Not sure which one of these steps came first.

I still cringe sometimes. I’m not going to post the unaltered version of this photo, and there are other photos from this set that I probably will never post, both ‘cause they show a little more, and because looking at them at the wrong time can send me into a spiral of self loathing. I said things got better, I didn’t say they are perfect. I wanted to post this one, both because I liked the way it turned out after messing with it in Photoshop (there are a couple different versions I might post), and because I think it captured the fun and freedom I feel when jumping naked in a lake: the cool water on your skin, the wind brushing every bit of you, the shared moment of slight cheekiness if you are doing it with a friend.

But there can be peace through Nakedness.

The last two years of my life completely changed the way I think about bodies, both men and women’s.

My mother died of cancer around this time last year. It was a slow deterioration, and near the end she needed help doing most things; eating, getting in and out of bed, dressing, showering, going to the bathroom, etc. While helping her do all these things, I saw more of my mothers naked body than most sons do. Helping her though this made me think about our naked bodies very differently.

We all have bodies. They do so many wonderful and awful things. they eat, they make children, they run, they get sick, they make poop, they breath, they decay, they heal, they fight, they fuck, they communicate, they make art, they feel pain, they feel joy, they take us places, and eventually they die… in all of this, sex is such a small part of everything our bodies do. An important part yes, but why is it that out of all of these things, when we see an uncovered body, our culture says that its sexuality is what we should be focusing on. When our bodies do so much more than fuck.

So, last summer, a few weeks after my mother died, i was hiking with a friend and we decided to go for a swim, and i thought about all of this, and said “are you comfortable if I swim naked?” and they said “Sure!” and I asked awkwardly “um…would you like to join me?” and they said… “Sure!” and after that brief moment of delightful cheekyness, the fact that we where naked, was no different than the fact we where swimming. and I was overcome with this feeling of peace, body issues washed away,  and a feeling of connection with the lake, the sky, and the rocks, and openness with this wonderful person sharing this experience with me.

I’m not saying that my brain never went “tee hee…boobs.” I’m Human, that’s the point. We are whole people. Why do we give that one small voice so much power?  Why do we focus so much on the fear of sexualizing ourselves and others that we hide these bodies that do so many amazing things other than have sex. A woman wears a tanktop, society tells them “that’s inappropriate and distracting” not “fuck its hot out, I’m glad your comfortable”.  why do we make Skin = Sex?

So, I feel like I should stop here, the description of this art piece kind of took on a weird ranty life of its own…  in conclusion, hope you didn’t mind seeing my bum…  it took me a long time to build up the courage to post it. if you did mind, I’m genuinely sorry for making you feel uncomfortable.

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The most wonderful tool the adventurer has at their disposal.

Love your feet, be they hobbit sized, or dainty, or anywhere in between.


"In this life, there are three great things a man can have; a beard, Ice cream, and dignity… but only two at once."

- Seventh-Crow (myself) this is the truth of my existence.

not sure what to call it, but it is another creation from hanging out with Kira at the beach